Alloy Steel Castings

Alloy steel is a kind of special performance steel for wear conditions.ts main characteristic is that it has high strength, hardness toughness and abrasion resistance under wear conditions. Wear-resistant alloy steel is used in abrasive with a certain impact load Wear and tear conditions. Wear-resistant alloy steel is roughly divided into Austenitic manganese steel, chrome steel, low alloy steel and graphite steel five categories, respectively, for different industrial and mining conditions.We  not only provide the jaw plate, hammer, blow bars crusher liner, ball mill liner and other alloy steel castings, can also be provided according to customer drawings of different materials products.

Mill Alloy Liner

Mill alloy liners,which means ball mill liner,pulverizer liner, raymond Mill liner,and some other vanadium alloy wear liners. In the material, the element “Cr” content around 10% to 15%.Via powder metallurgy manufactured high chromium alloy steel, with the following characteristics:High abrasion resistance, high compressive strength, high corrosion resistance and stability.

Crusher Alloy Liner

By analyzing the wear mechanism of crusher plant, we had developed a new material crusher alloy liner,which span-life can be double or more than the sample crusher wear parts. At the same time, the price just increase a little. This kind of crusher alloy liner have an obvious advantage in crushing super-hard stone.

Bimetallic Compound Hammer

Bimetallic compound hammer, the other kind of alloy steel casting liners, which used the element “manganese” and element “chrome” together to cast hammer plate. This kind of hammer have high wear-resistance and toughness.