Chocky Bars

Chocky bars

Hubei JYS Advanced Wear Resistant Material Technology Co.;LTD also offer chocky bars&wearing button. Our products are easy to cut and form onto inside and outside contoured surfaces.Customer can calculate their own lay-outs and patterns depending on the area and shape of the parts that they want to protect. The notches in JYS chocky bars&wearing button casting and/or backing plate assist in cutting them to size or bending them to shape to suit the application. Chocky bars can be formed onto inside or outside contoured surfaces to provide an extra level of protection for wear and impact applications.Used for a variety of wear protection on buckets, excavators, dragline machines or for lining chutes and rock box edges. Our Chocky Bars can be used in conjunction with other wear products to give you that extra advantage.

Product Specification Sheet

Chocky bars Specification Sheet 01

Chocky bars Specification Sheet 02

Chocky bars Specification Sheet 03

Chocky bars Specification Sheet 04