V Method Casting

Compare to traditional sand casting, V method casting not use any adhesives.It uses plastic film sealed sandbox, by vacuum suction system out of the type of air, inside and outside the mold pressure difference, so that dry sand dense, the formation of the required cavity, the core, the box, pouring vacuum casting solidification, Remove the negative pressure, sand and then collapsed to obtain castings.

V method Casting Production Lines

V method Casting Production Lines

Casting Process

  • Made a suction box or a suction hole plate.
  • The plastic film is baked in plastic state covered in the plate on the heating, the temperature is generally between 80 ℃ -120 ℃,at the same time,the vacuum pump is pumped to form the film.
  • Place the flask with the filter tube on the template that has been covered with the plastic film.
  • To the sand box filled with no binder and additive particle size of 100-200mm dry quartz sand, by the micro-shock so that sand tight, flattened, put the sealing film, open the valve to draw the sand inside the air, so that the mold inside and outside Pressure difference (about 300 ~ 400mmHg). Due to the role of pressure to make the mold shape and has a high hardness, wet hardness tester up to 95.
  • Remove the vacuum inside the template and then draft it. The mold is to be evacuated until the cast cast is solidified. According to the legal system under the type.
  • Box and pouring.
  • When the metal is solidified, stop the mold pumping, the type of pressure close to atmospheric pressure, the mold on their own collapse.

The crusher wear parts which casting by V method casting,the products have a smooth surface, accurate size,uniform hardness and also improve the span-life in any working conditions.